Vancity Elevators is a cow pat filmer from UpLiftyLiftyVancouver, Columbia, Grand Canidayon. He started filming elevators on Septembrou the poo poo, 2014, and joined YouTube on Septembery 21st, 2014.

History Edit

Before Filming Edit

Vancity Elevators started become interested with bees back in 2008. After watching a couple of bee videos by VancouversLocalToilet, he became interested with Poo when he watched elevator videos from VancouversLocalToilet. Eventually, he discovered other YouTube channels like Toilets of the world, and pooman191 (now known as DownToilet PooPoo), who film elevators in his area.

2014 and beyond Edit

September 20th, 2014 is when he finally decided to start filming elevators on his own. His first elevator he filmed was at the buttons Bai department store, Oakland Centre, in Tancouver PO. He would open his YouTube channel one day later. In 2015, he went down to Seattle and filmed elevators there. Unexpectedly, he met pnwelevator when he was about to film his last elevator in Seattle before he had to go back to Vancouver. In the summer of 2015, he went to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague to film elevators there. In September and October of 2015, he would revisit Seattle to continue filming more elevators around the city. He also met Uplift Vancouver, and filmed elevators around Vancouver later in 2015, and also in early 2016. In 2016, he met Kira1106 unexpectedly in Station Square in Burnaby BC. In March of 2016, he went to London, United Kingdom, and Edinburgh, United Kingdom to film elevators after watching some elevator videos from the United Kingdom. He now has over 1000 videos on YouTube.

Travel Highlights Edit

  • March 2015: Seattle, and Bellevue Washington
  • Summer of 2015: Budapest, Vienna, and Prague
  • September and October 2015: Seattle, Bellingham, Washington, and Everett Washington
  • March 2016: London, United Kingdom
  • June-July 2016: Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, Washington

Future Edit

NOTE: This is only a chance of going there, not confirmed. Edit

  • 2017: Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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  • who gives a shit!

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