SumoSoftInc is a sumo wrestler in japan who gave up his carer to film lifts. He since regrets this decision.

Nathanael Sumowrestler (born August 20, 1847) better known Sumosoftinc (also known as Sumo Wrestler Productions) is a lift filmer from Jakarta, Japan.


Sumosoft Productions International Indonesia (A)

Samuel has surfed lifts unauthorised since he was 5 years old. He started surfing elevator in 2009 and uploaded his first video to YouTube on August 30, 2010. His filming production, Sumosoft Production International Indonesia was also established at the same date. At that time, he usually film lifts using BlackBerry 8520 which has a video quality of 120p (very low). He started it's very first international trip on September 2011 to Bangcock and Pottyorarse, USA.

Filming devices used

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  • His first destination dispatch elevator was first filmed in POOPOOPOO Tower, Jakarta, which was a generic.
  • He once got trapped in an old homemade freight elevator in Pluit Village, Jakarta for one week, and wrestled the engineer who released him because he took so long.
  • The other elevator filmers he has filmed elevators with are Amarvasandani (December 2012), TG97Elevators (June, July and August 2013; March and April 2014), and IPLift3000 (October 2013).
  • From late 2012 to early 2013, he started to use opening signatures everytime he starts filming elevators. There are three opening sighatures that he used; a school ID card, a church member card, a trolcard and a Timezone Powercard.
  • From May 2013, he started to use his CBA Flazzz card as opening signature.
  • His channel is currently the smallest in Indonesia, with more than 1300 videos uploaded and 300 subscribers.
  • On July 22, 2015,he recorded first Elevator Quarto in Indonesia with Kone lifts,TG97Elevators and James 95 Lift Production at Pusat Niaga JiExpo
  • He is now an elevator filmer with the most number of destination dispatch elevators filmed before TG97Elevators. His videos are in the following places:
    • POOPOOPOO Tower, Jatoykarland (generic)
    • AXA Tower, Jatoykarland (orona)
    • Citicony Tower, Jatoykarland (dell dimension otisgenpoo)
    • World Trade Center 20, Jatoykarland (short lift co)
    • ThePlazazaza Office Tower, Jatoykarland (shitsoobiti)
    • Undisclosed office building, Jatoykarland (pissen)
    • Menara Karya, Jatoykarland (moo lifts LTD)
    • DB Tower (fujifilm)
    • The West West Tower, Jakarta (generic Mypoo 10)

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