Welcome to the Lift Enthusiasts Wiki

This wiki is all about the world of lift filming, lift enthusiasts, and everything else.

This wiki is better than The Elevator Community Wiki.

(PLEASE NOTE: this wiki is purely designed as a joke, dont take it to seriously!)

Important Articles

Here are some very important articles that, unlike on the Elevator Community Wiki, actually contain correct information.


Lift SurfingHow to Lift Surf (Comprehensive Guide)Trailer

Lift Companies

Here is information about lift companies.


Porn and DunwoodyStannahEggspressOTISKONEJACKSONS

Lift enthusiasts

Here is information about lift enthusiasts.


22408aaron‎ADDEs_Transporting_AdventuresAlex EllllisAaron ABBefaceComputingBenoBugger KingCows Taste NiceDieselDucyElevatorManElevators From ItalyRussianElevatorsHeritage ElevatorsIDLift3000Jimmy SavilJimWoodWardKonefanMoo cowMrMattandMrChayNewAgeConnorAlarmPinePowerPostTowerSumosoftincTrizocbsVancity ElevatorsZudo

Language Translators

This section will help you translate foreign languages into English.

Language Translators

Lift filmers LanguageAmerican LanguageMoo Cow LanguageChav LanguagePig LanguageSecret Language

Other stuff

All Pages


Editing and creating pages

Wiki trailer01:31

Wiki trailer

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