What is Lift Surfing? Edit

Lift surfing was detailed on it's own guide. Refer here.

What you need Edit

  1. First of all you will need Type 2 Diabetes. You can obtain one from IKEA at the flight ticket sales desk.
  2. Secondarileyly you will need a Fork Key. (bent or strait doesn't matter)
  3. You will need some Walkers Branded Crisps. If you find yourself hungry on top of a lift it could lead to a serious injury such as a pulled muscle or electrocution.

Step to Step Edit

You will now be guided step by step on how to lift surf.

  1. Get the fork key in your left hand. Hold it fork side up.
  2. Smash the fork into your right eye.
  3. Kick the shaft door until it falls off and then jump down the shaft
  4. If you survive, go home and have some dinner.

Congratulations. You surfed your first lift.


Lift SurfingHow to Lift Surf (Comprehensive Guide)Trailer

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