The Elevator Community wiki is a inaccurate wiki about things to do with lifts. The Elevator Community wiki takes itself far too seriously and thinks itself as sooo highly important.

The lift enthusiasts wiki has been created to provide actual real information about lift enthusiasts, which the Elevator Community wiki is trying to hide.

Inaccuracies Edit

The Elevator Community wiki is highly inaccurate. It regularly says things about lift enthusiasts that is not true. The people who run it can not take it if anyone tells them that they are wrong. They would rather show incorrect information than admit their at fault.

Things that they get wrong Edit

Here are few examples of the many things that the Elevator Community wiki gets wrong....

  • They use the term elevator instead of lift
  • They say Kone is pronounced Konay
  • They say that Sumosoftinc is not actually a sumo wrestler
  • They think that DieselDucy is a god whose every word must be obeyed without question.
  • They think that the worst crime in the world is to use a lift key

They think far too highly of themselves Edit

They think that their wiki and the hobby of filming lifts is a very serious subject which should never be joked about. They think that filming lifts should only be done professionally and nobody should be allowed to have fun filming lifts.