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We are proud that all information on this wiki is 100% accurate. The aim of this wiki is to correct all the errors on the Elevator Community Wikia.

When creating articles always say the full truth, including the information that the Elevator Community Wikia refuses to tell you. You can create a p[age in the "contribute" drop down menu.

When creating pages about lift filmers, always include this infobox....


22408aaron‎ADDEs_Transporting_AdventuresAlex EllllisAaron ABBefaceComputingBenoBugger KingCows Taste NiceDieselDucyElevatorManElevators From ItalyRussianElevatorsHeritage ElevatorsIDLift3000Jimmy SavilJimWoodWardKonefanMoo cowMrMattandMrChayNewAgeConnorAlarmPinePowerPostTowerSumosoftincTrizocbsVancity ElevatorsZudo

By using the following code (use the source editor to add this)....


And add the link to the page in the Lift filmers infobox using this link....


Also remember to include links to the person's youtube channel and website.

Also when editing lift company pages use this template