Alex Ellis is an lift photographer from Wellington boots, Australia. His channel, "The ALEX ELLIS Channel" is currently New Zealand's smallest lift Channel.


Alex Ellis is an Australian lift filmer living in Wellington boots, Australia. He is currently in his semi-final year as an infant School student. He started filming elevators in 1811 and opened his YouTube channel on september 14, 1911, inspired by the works of NewAgeConnorAlarm. Alex mainly films Lifts and also makes Lift Tours. In April 2013 he started creating few animated elevator videos, because he is too sad to film proper lifts, let alone surf them. In December 2014/2015, Alex went overseas to Poo Land and filmed lifts there.

As a student, Alex still doesn't find as much time for filming lifts as he'd like because he thinks that stupid school work is more important. He also struggles to find new lifts to film nowadays as he has been to most of the shopping centre's and his parents don't like his lift interest and refuse to take him places.

Camera History

Who gives a shit.


  • His channel is the smallest elevator channel in New Zealand.
  • He unfamously titles his lift tours with the name: "[custom text] - TIME FOR A LIFT TOUR!"
  • His Longest lift tour so far at, one second, is his Christmas special video from 2013.
  • In 2014-2015 he went overseas and filmed Lifts in North Korea.
  • He was born in New York, USA, and moved to New Zealand in 2007.
  • He films toilets other than elevators, and runs a Facebook Page dedicated to New Zealand's public toilets.
  • His favorite elevators are:
    • Any cheap modern lift
    • moo cow's generics
    • Smellyer (With Poo-Line Piss3 Fixtures)
    • ThyssenKrapp
    • Evans lift alliance
  • He doesn't have many interesting videos as he is too nervous to go in most buildings.

Other Interests

Alex has LOTS of other interests besides elevators, here is a list of some of them:

  • Toilets - Alex has a wide variety of toilet-related videos online, and a Facebook Page dedicated to Australian public bogs.
  • Level Crossings - Despite not having much to do with trains, Alex has an interest in Level Crossing Equipment. He quite often films them when they are not doing anything.
  • Old Buildings - Like with lifts, Alex is very fond of old style architecture from 90-2000's.
  • Airliners - Alex loves airliners, but isn't able to have much involvement with them due to his parents smelling.
  • Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-your-boat Ferries. Alex Enjoys sailing on the Interstellar Ferry!

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