22408aaron is an annoying lift filmer from Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States. He post videos about about almost anything, but he specialize in lifts, fire alarms and rants telling other people what to do.

Aaron regualry harrasess and bullies people who use keys. He thinks he is always correct and will be very nasty to anyone who thinks differently.

On the Elevator Community Wikia it says that.... "It has been established by 22408aaron, Dieselducy and many other YouTube users that many members of the Elevator Community have been misusing elevator keys.". SINCE WHEN HAVE THESE GUYS HAD THE RIGHT TO GO AND DECIDED STUFF FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

In 2016, he recently won the BIGGEST FUCKING CUNT of the year award.

In 2015, he won the TWAT of the year award.

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